Multi-state implementation and evaluation of a dynamic risk assessment / case planning tool (the DRAOR) among case managers who supervise serious violent and sexual offenders

This implementation project is designed to enhance existing supervision practice in multiple ways, through the training of case management staff to use a dynamic risk assessment / case management measure.  This measure is designed to (a) help supervision officers track the risk factors that can change, (b) understand and record when rehabilitation gains may have occurred, (c) understand and record when circumstances may signal a client has the potential for imminent recidivism, especially violent recidivism, (d) manage the most pressing / severe immediate risk triggers, and (e) set goals for solidifying previous gains and building lifestyle factors that will maintain client success in the absence of correctional management.  Evaluation will explore and seek to confirm the utility of this measure in an Australian context.  In general, this implementation and evaluation is intended to benefit supervision practice by providing a structured framework that represents the newest generation of evidence-based best correctional practice.