Mental health and criminogenic outcomes in offenders who receive treatment from the Moroka Program at Ravenhall Correctional Centre.

The Moroka Program provides specialist assessments, mental health treatment and behavioural interventions, within a 10 bed unit, for prisoners who present with complex and challenging behaviours associated with mental illness.  The Unit may provide a pathway for prisoners transitioning out of the Management or Close Supervision Units, as a proactive intervention facilitating transition into the mainstream RCC community.

This study will map offender pathways through prison to and from the Moroka unit, and collate information on the interventions that they receive from the Moroka Program and other offender intervention services at the prison. It will also examine the mental health and criminogenic history of prisoners who receive treatment and assessment from the Moroka Program, and examine individual criminogenic and mental health post-treatment outcomes both in prison and in the community.

The Moroka Program is a novel service that is likely to provide treatment to offenders with complex clinical profiles, including the presence of personality disorder who present with a risk of violent or sexual offending behaviour. This study will provide valuable insight into the mental health and criminogenic profile of offenders treated by the service and allow an examination of the impact of the Moroka program on offender outcomes.