Australian Consortium for Research Excellence in Reducing Persistent Violence and Sexual Offending

Catalyst Consortium

The problem of violence, including sexual violence and family violence, is of national and international significance and requires innovative and transformational research and practice to enhance understanding and assessment, intervention, reintegration and prevention efforts. The aim of the Catalyst Consortium is to enhance our understanding of the causal factors of violence, and to intervene effectively with people who engage in violence in a manner that will increase community safety. We shall target people who commit interpersonal violence, including those with mental disorders (including personality disorders), substance misuse disorders, and cognitive impairment.

Research and Development

Research and Development Program Focus

The proposed research and program development comprises of three areas of focus.

Substantive Themes

In addition to the areas of focus, ten substantive themes cut across each of the research programs and will be considered within the research program development undertaken in each area:

Projects and News

February 24, 2020

Risk Assessment Tools Evaluation Directory

The Catalyst Consortium has now partnered with the Scottish Risk Management Authority to produce an adapted version of the RATED tailored to the Australian setting (Aus-RATED). Download the brief report via the below link.

Partner Organisations

The Centre for Forensic Behavioural Science, Swinburne University of Technology, has received a grant from the Victorian Corrections Minister to establish the Catalyst Consortium. The Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health has contributed additional funding to ensure the work extends to forensic mental health consumers and forensic mental health services.